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Rainbow Candy Charcuterie Board in Tackle Box Container for Kids *Personalized available!*

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Candy boards are going viral! Sweet Candy Boards are made just for you! Fresh is always BEST!

This candy box is the perfect kid friendly candy gift! Choose from classic rainbow (pink/red, orange, yellow, green, blue). or primary rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue).

You can also specify in the notes if you would like to include any of our “theme” candies like hearts, lips, unicorns, ice cream cones, army men, pizza slices, worms and we will do our best to include whatever we have in stock!

Personalization: We offer personalization with custom cut vinyl decals that we carefully apply to the top of the box. Please see the photo thumbnails for font and color options

Candy: We take great pride in our candy assortment. Each board is totally unique and contains an assortment of gummy, sour, and chewy candy. If there is a specific candy you want please message us and we’ll do our best to accommodate although remember some candies are seasonal. If there is something you do NOT want please let us know via message or a note with your order.

Packaging: Boxes are carefully heat sealed to protect the design and ensure freshness.

Shipping:All orders are shipped within 24 hours of being made.

We cannot promise that our Sweet Candy Boards will not have come in contact with nuts, nut oil, or another allergen. We recommend you take the necessary precautions based on any related allergies. We do try our best to avoid cross contamination but please use your own discretion.

No refunds, exchanges or cancellations given due to all items made to order. Please contact me if you have questions about your order.  

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